10 Tips To Improve Your Page Quality For SEO

We will discuss how your page could use some extra love and what can be done to make them high-quality pages.
You may already have taken a class about SEO and its technical aspects or you may have just started learning about it. The thought of mastering the art of SEO is dreadful but it is not impossible.

To realise the importance of SEO it is first crucial to look at your website’s optimisation. Search engine optimisation may seem like a mix of keywords put correctly but the SERPs look at the whole picture nowadays.
Let’s talk about the quality of your page and how to determine it.

Getting started blindly on the first page and optimising it for no reason does not make sense. It is better to take a look at the website as a whole first and determine which pages need improvement.

Use Google Analytics
With the use of this tool called Google Analytics, one can specifically point out which page is not performing up to the mark. It lets you monitor how your customers search you online and navigate throughout their page. Most importantly it lets you know how many people visited, stayed, and exited the website. If they did exit, which page they leave the website from.
Google Panda is not cute but strict
When a company owns a website that has a large amount of information to share. They are tempted to regulate the same content on different websites. Do not let this temptation overpower your SEO goals. When the same content is found on different pages it is a case of duplicate content. With the introduction of Google Panda update, Google is now capable of penalizing your website if it finds duplicate content. This will hamper your rankings drastically.

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