Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling | Misting for AC Pre-Cooling

Air Conditioner Mister Pre-Cooling
You can cut over 30% off the cost of operating your Commercial Air Conditioning System with a Condenser Misting System

Save power costs and reduce maintenance by installing a Mistafog air conditioner misting system on your commercial air conditioner

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The Benefits of Air Conditioner Pre-Cooling Misting System

* Increase system cooling capacity
* Reduce power usage (kWh) and cost
* Reduction in power demand (kW)
* Extend compressor life
* Reduce maintenance costs
* Reduce system downtime
* Reduce operating cost by up to 30%
* Requires minimal maintenance
* Easily retrofitted
* Ideal for undersized condensers
* Improved occupant comfort levels
* Gives a fast ROI

Pre-Cooling with a condenser misting system for Commercial HVAC systems.
Air conditioning (HVAC) systems are always going to struggle when faced with ambient temperatures above their ideal operating range but this can be eliminated with an air conditioner misting system. The Mistafog CoilCool evaporative air conditioner misting system is the most effective way of reducing energy and maintenance costs while also increasing the peak cooling capacity of the system.
Many air conditioning systems use air-cooled condenser units to provide the cooling capacity of the system and if not fitted with an air con misting system will often be operating outside their designed capacity. These systems must expel heat into the surrounding air in order to reduce the temperature and re compress the coolant. The higher the ambient temperature the harder it is for the condenser to expel the heat and the less efficiently the system operates, resulting in higher running costs and lower cooling capacity.