Author: Guangzhousourcing

Wooden Shower and Bath Trays for a Natural and Glamorous Bathroom Upgrade

As q quite recent new product, we have added wooden shower and bath trays to our portfolio. These architectural highlights outline a natural and glamorous feeling in every bathroom. But it's... Read More

Compact laminate, a versatile and adaptable material, has found its place in both residential and commercial settings. Crafted from multiple layers of resin-impregnated paper, tightly bonded with a special adhesive,... Read More

Unveiling the Artistry of Fine Wood Selection in Our Products

Our products are made from the finest quality wood - depending on the product we use European, Asian, and African hardwoods. The wood used to manufacture a bathtub for example... Read More

Handcrafted Wooden Bathtubs – 35 Years of Passion and Expertise

Creating wooden bathtubs that are water tight has been our passion for over 35 years. Our team has refined this process over time, and now we offer a wide range... Read More