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Monuwar Iqbal leading ICT sector to grow – Dhaka Tribune

The latest technology-based self-developed ERP product of Pridesys IT incorporates multi-dimensional business operational factors leading to place a prestigious milestone in different sectors like garments, textile, trading, manufacturing, telecommunication, insurance,... Read More

WEWB – Wage Earners’ Welfare Board

WEWB – Wage Earners’ Welfare Board In 1990 Government created the Wage Farners' Welfare Board (WEWB) under the Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment to extend welfare services Pridesys... Read More

Financial Management Software In Bangladesh

The response to that is, "financial management software can help here." This guide will take a gander at how it could help your business. Online Accounting Software is the most... Read More

Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh

To Be More Precise, PrideTex is the Best Spinning Software In Bangladesh. Moreover, The textile business is impacted via seasonality, fluctuating demand With access to real-time data, employees and... Read More

The software industry has been the significant source of making a ton of work. That is the reason we are distributing the top software company in Bangladesh. ERP software brings... Read More

What Is Big Data? How Big Data Works

Big data is a mix of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data gathered by organizations that can be dug for data and used in machine learning projects, big data is... Read More

Comparison: SaaS vs On-premise ERP Solutions

SaaS solution, on the other hand, is "software that is possessed, conveyed and oversaw from a distance by at least one supplier. The supplier conveys software The biggest difference between... Read More

IoT : Benefits of Cloud Platform

An IoT cloud platform is the place where the abilities of IoT and cloud computing tech stacks meet up to deliver added incentives for consumers and IoT cloud platforms offer... Read More

Outsourcing In Bangladesh – Pridesys IT Ltd

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside an organization to perform benefits and make products that traditionally were performed in-house is the business of hiring an... Read More

Why Java is So Popular And Its Uses

Java is perhaps the most famous programming language used to make Web applications and platforms. It was intended for flexibility, permitting developers to Platform independent nature and portability are the... Read More