Bigcommerce is a web-based eCommerce platform

Bigcommerce is a web-based eCommerce platform

Bigcommerce Platform is web-based eCommerce software that enables you to start an online store. This platform has tools for marketing, selling, and shipping your products.
You can manage your store's inventory across multiple warehouses, price your items in different currencies, customize the design of your webpages through templates, offer coupons and deals to customers, provide international customer service, and track your web store's performance.

Bigcommerce is a web-based eCommerce platform that offers:

Integration with social media marketing tools such as Facebook and Twitter to assist in drawing web traffic.

Mobile commerce options that allow customers to shop from their phones or tablets.

Automatic banking feeds for quick and accurate financial reports of web store transactions.

Brand-building web tools, such as customizable homepages and web page templates, that help you grow your web presence.

Payment options that include PayPal, credit cards, and checks.

Shipping capabilities that allow you to ship products through FedEx, USPS, or UPS.

Customer service features for web shoppers who have questions about web purchases.

Commerce analytics to track web store traffic and web sales performance.

The ability to sell in multiple currencies.

Integration with order management tools, including email marketing systems, web hosting services, web-based event ticketing sites, web-based payroll system providers, webinar platforms, site builders, telesales software, and more.

Custom integration with web services, such as Google Analytics and SEO tools.

Web analytics for tracking web store traffic and web sales performance.

The ability to set up web stores in Australia, Canada, European Union countries, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Scotland (UK), Spain, United States.

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