Building Bridges to Brilliance – DDCP's NDA Foundation Course after 12th Class

Doon Defence Career Point stands at the forefront of nurturing the aspirations of young minds who envision a career in the esteemed National Defence Academy (NDA). Among its array of programs, the NDA Foundation Course after 12th class shines as a beacon of opportunity for students aiming to carve a path towards their dreams of serving the nation.

For many students, the decision to pursue a career in the armed forces is a deeply rooted ambition that requires careful planning and guidance. Recognizing the significance of laying a strong foundation at the right time, Doon Defence Career Point introduces its NDA Foundation Course after 12th class. This course is strategically designed to provide students with the essential skills, knowledge, and support required to excel in the rigorous NDA entrance examination and beyond.

At the heart of Doon Defence Career Point's NDA Foundation Course after 12th class lies a meticulously crafted curriculum that encompasses all facets of the NDA examination. From comprehensive coverage of subjects like mathematics, general ability, English, and current affairs to specialized coaching tailored to meet the unique demands of the exam, students are equipped with a holistic understanding and preparation to tackle the challenges with confidence.