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Amazon Pay Accounts Information of Our Amazon Pay Account We supply 100% authentic accounts. Our account has been validated completely. It's fully functional and ready to go. It is based in the United States of America. Our account can be accessed from anywhere. To confirm, a unique phone number in the United States was utilized. We've added a verified billing address in the United States. For utmost security, recovery information has been supplied. Information such as identification, passports, and driver's licenses is included. There are no previous transactional records for this account. VCC was used to implement the payment mechanism. The account's supplied information is accurate and true. The account was created using a US home IP address. We promise a replacement within two days. Matters You Are Going to Get You will have complete access to this account. You will be given the login information for your Amazon Pay account. The retrieval data will be shipped with the package. We'll email you a copy of the files required to validate your account.