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Documentation authentication has become standard practice across the globe. As you travel across the globe for various reasons, ranging from education, personal needs, or commercial practices, or even employment and business, poor documentation may put you in trouble, or even a rejection in a foreign country. Our attestation services are designed for all types of needs. An attestation is a symbol of authenticity of a certificate or a document. You will need it for various needs in various countries. Helpline Group – a government approved agency working with ISO certification at an international level with its branches spread across the world. In 1998, we established Helpline Group’s Head Office in Dubai to serve our special clients in the UAE and Middle East region. We have a good clientele base in India, Canada and GCC countries. In the past 20 years, Helpline Group has served more than 1,000 companies and individuals. With our wide range of services, we have developed a strong communication network which makes our work easy. We provide all types of business-related services including translation documents (editing and proofreading), transcription, getting a license, dealing with manpower documentation, handling government authorities and certificate attestation in UAE. We have expertise in handling work of document attestation for UAE of any kind of paper belonging to any country. We have native translator experts to handle linguistic issues if any.
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