Combo Of 3 Moringa Green Tea ; Tulsi And Mint Leaf Green Tea – Vedas Leaf

Moringa Green Tea
Vedas Leaf Antioxidant Moringa GreenTea 100% natural Moringa green tea is one of our best-selling products which is loved by people. These leaves are a super healthy ingredient for your body that attains lots of vitamins and minerals to make your body stronger.

Tulsi Green Tea
Vedas leaf Antioxidant Tulsi GreenTea. This product is made with 100% natural Tulsi leaf which is recognized as one of the best healthy plants in many aspects. Organic Tulsi teas are filled with health benefits. The health benefits of tulsi leaves made this plant unique and special. Hindus recognized Tulsi as a goddess because of its tremendous health benefits.

Mint Green Tea
We’re Vedas and we offer Vedas leaf antioxidants mint green tea- 100% natural. Green tea is very beneficial for health and immunity. This is a drink that makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. The Organic green tea is filled with high-quality and 100% natural mint. If you feel stressed out and want to remove your tiredness then this is the best drink you take. This will relax your mind and make you feel refreshed