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Dr. Vijay is a leading Best Neonatologists & Pediatrician in Vijayawada. Book doctor appointments online For Neonatal Doctor, Pediatric Neonatologist, Pediatricians and Neonatologist.


Our experienced doctors is essentially deals with the health and wellness of newborn babies. It is a whole journey that starts with birth. We provide the Best Pediatric & Neonatal Care for Babies, Right from breathing to taking the first sip, every moment in a newborn baby's life is precious and needs additional attention and care.

Dr. T. V. Vijay Kumar is the Best Neonatologists in Vijayawada which prides to have an extensive neonatal supportive infrastructure, combined with an expertly trained neonatologist in Vijayawada and a team of advanced specialists who help deliver precision care in NICU as well as other neonatal cases.

Some of the highly sought-after neonatal emergencies are handled at Neonatology hospital in Vijayawada, such as Preterm Babies, Echocardiography, Neonatal Ventilation, Newborn care, Low Birth weight, Jaundice in Infants, Seizures, Heart diseases, Congenital Disorders, Breathing Problems, Pneumonia, Flu in Children, Respiratory Diseases, Hypothermia treatment for Birth Asphyxia.

And much more complicated and extremely crucial treatments are taken care of under the able guidance of one of the best neonatologists in Vijayawada, Dr. T. V. Vijay Kumar.


Pediatrician is a specialty of medication that focuses on the well-being and clinical treatment of babies, kids, and young people from their birth until they reach the age of 18 years. Our specialist offer clinical therapy for children who are acutely or chronically unwell and give preventative health services for healthy kids. Best Pediatricians in Vijayawada address your child's medical problems and can easily comprehend what various diseases and conditions can mean for a child's wellbeing, general health, and intellectual capacity.