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EasyCMA is a module of EasyOFFICE software for CMA Report generation.
EasyCMA – CMA Data preparation software is a comprehensive software for preparing and calculating CMA Data, MPBF calculation, depreciation chart, DFDR, interest calculation, present and maturity value calculations & also includes other financial tools, all these features makes this a useful solution for CMA Report preparation. EasyCMA is the best software for preparing and calculating CMA Data.
best software for cma data preparation
• Multi-Year CMA Data Report
• Prepare depreciation chart
• Interest Calculations (EMI)
• IRR \ MIRR Calculations
• FDR interest calculation
• Present value calculations
• Office Management utilities
• Multiple Formats of Report
CMA Data Preparation
Multi-Year CMA Data Preparation in an operating statement on the basis of a percentage (%) increase.
MPBF statement
Automatic preparation of the comparative statement, Analysis of Balance Sheet, MPBF (Maximum Permissible Bank Finance) statement, Fund flow and Ratio Statement.
Depreciation chart
Preparation of Depreciation chart on Written down Value and Straight Line Method
cma software for chartered accountants

Many useful Financial Tools
• Auto Interest calculation
• EMI Calculations
• Rate of interest calculation
• FDR interest calculation
• Loan Calculator
• IRR\MIRR Calculations
• Present value & Maturity value calculations
Cma software download
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