Elevate Your Fireplace: Mantels & Cabinets for Style and Function

Fireplaces offer warmth and ambiance, but their true magic lies in the details. Mantels and cabinets frame the flames and add a touch of personalization.

Mantels: Set the Stage

Classic: Wood mantels offer timeless elegance, perfect for traditional homes.
Modern: Sleek materials like concrete or metal create a striking focal point.
Rustic: Brick or stone mantels bring warmth to cabins or farmhouses.
Cabinets: More Than Storage

Organized Bliss: Keep fireplace tools and essentials out of sight, but close at hand.
Display with Style: Showcase artwork or seasonal décor on open shelves.
Hidden Gems: Integrate media nooks or compartments for a sleek look.
Creating Your Dream Fireplace

Material Match: Choose mantels and cabinets that complement your existing décor.
Size Matters: Ensure everything is appropriately sized for your fireplace and space.
Safety First: Leave enough space for proper ventilation.
Fuel Your Inspiration

Explore a wide selection of mantels, cabinets, and accessories at Belle Flame to create a fireplace that's both beautiful and functional.


Embrace the Cozy

With the perfect mantel and cabinets, your fireplace becomes an inviting haven for relaxation and connection. Design a space that reflects your style and keeps you warm all season long.