Emergency Dentist In Scarborough | Emergency Dentist In Oshawa | Grandview Dental Clinic

"Emergency dentistry services provided by Grandview Dental Clinic in Scarborough and Oshawa aim to address urgent dental issues promptly and efficiently. Here's how they operate:

Same-Day Treatment: Grandview Dental Clinic strives to provide treatment for dental emergencies on the same day they occur. This means that if you experience a dental emergency during their operating hours, they will make every effort to accommodate you and address your issue promptly.

Operating Hours: The clinic operates six days a week, with specific days allocated for each location. In Scarborough, they are open for three days a week, while in Oshawa, they are likely open for the rest. This extended availability ensures that patients have access to emergency dental care throughout most of the week.

Contact Information: To access emergency dental services, patients can call the clinic directly at the provided phone numbers. The Scarborough office can be reached at (647) 748-6200, and the Oshawa office at (905) 240-7744. By calling these numbers, patients can schedule an appointment or receive guidance on managing their dental emergency.

Alternative Options: In the event that the clinic is closed and a dental emergency arises, patients are advised to seek assistance at a hospital. While the clinic prioritizes addressing emergencies during its operating hours, they recognize that emergencies can happen at any time. Hospitals typically have emergency departments equipped to handle urgent dental issues outside of regular dental office hours.

Overall, Grandview Dental Clinic in Scarborough and Oshawa is committed to providing accessible emergency dental care, with a focus on prompt treatment and patient convenience. Their same-day treatment policy and extended operating hours reflect their dedication to addressing urgent dental needs in the community."