House of Windsor Jeweller – Plain wedding rings in Dubai

The value of trust is emphasised by House of Windsor Jewellers in all business transactions. The business makes sure that its diamonds, gemstones, and pearls are hand-selected and approved by a number of respected agencies, including GIA, IGI, HRD, IDL, and their in-house staff. This ensures that clients will get just what they require.

House of Windsor Jewellers goes above and beyond to delight their consumers in addition to offering high-quality goods. The business actively solicits client input and suggestions in order to let them influence how the business makes choices. Although the purity and quality of their products meet recognised international standards, the business also considers the budget and personal quality requirements of each customer.

Ultimately, House of Windsor Jewellers puts their customers first and strives to provide the best possible experience.

Phone No: 971 4 340 8324
Address: Address – Shop 31, Bldg No. 1
Gold and Diamond Park
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
United Arab Emirates