How data science is driving a revolution in digital advertising

It’s generally accepted that the digital marketing industry made some mistakes during the 2010s, thanks mainly to its over-dependence on third-party cookies and user tracking. Broadly speaking, the creativity associated with digital advertising campaigns went through a period of decline, particularly when it came to the quality of campaigns delivered on mobile.
Indeed, in the clamor to deliver ads at scale, digital advertisers pumped out huge volumes of low-quality, ineffective campaigns to consumers who regarded them as, at best, irrelevant, and at worst, annoying.
Today, however, the imminent deprecation of third-party cookies, combined with a range of innovative solutions, has heralded a new dawn for digital advertising. In particular, AI-powered technologies offer a new opportunity for the industry, where quality can once again take center stage, underpinned by the smart use of data.
While elements of data science and AI-driven capabilities have existed in the digital advertising space for a considerable amount of time, recent advancements have opened up more innovative and valuable methods than ever before. Most notably, in the deterministic optimization of campaign creative, which has been built from the ground up to pursue brand-specific outcomes.
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