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Summers in India are very harsh and hot, especially in some regions. In some parts of the country, the temperature can go up to 41 Degrees Celsius. Several people opt for an air cooler or AC to beat sweltering summers in India.

However, the need for air coolers is increasing more efficiently due to rising temperatures and humid regions. Do not sweat it; an air cooler is the best way to get rid of the surroundings on hot days.

Moreover, many customers are unsure which type of air cooler to choose. The following tutorial summarizes the factors to consider when buying an air cooler. There has been an increase in the purchasing power of people, which has led to an increase in the purchase of air conditioners. However, air coolers have become an integral part of every Indian household.

In addition, you can choose the right cooling system without reading a manual. An air cooler buying guide to make the best buying decision to stay cool, calm, and comfortable this summer.

Why You Should Prefer Buying an Air Cooler
Cost Effective With Energy Savings: The most significant advantage that air coolers hold over air conditioners is that they are affordable. It is easy to buy air coolers for under 5000 Rs in India. However, finding an air conditioner at that price is impossible.

Air coolers are affordable, come in different sizes, and are great at keeping the room they keep in cool. In addition, air coolers consume very little electricity and hence offer noticeable savings compared to air conditioners.

You do not need to use HVAC all the time, which significantly reduces the cost of operations. However, air coolers require less maintenance and repair costs in comparison as well. Overall, if you are looking for something that is not too expensive, then air coolers are the way to go.

No Installation Hassles: Installing the air conditioner takes time and work. This requires trained technicians to install the unit; if it is a central air unit, it needs to be connected to your