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How to Restore Missing Google Calendar Events on Android?

How to Restore Missing Google Calendar Events on Android?

Submitted by • July 21, 2020

Google Calendar is a very useful application from Google. Apart from Android devices, it is also available on Windows. You can use it to synchronize your calendar details between the PC or laptop with a smartphone. It makes it easier for you to manage your tasks, add new entries on it, and check for events. But some users look for ways to restore missing events on Android. Here are some instructions for them.

Permit Gmail to Add Events Automatically

The issue could arise due to the inability of Google Calendar to add events automatically. Fix it in the following ways:

You should invoke the app of Google Calendar on the mobile.
After that, select the hamburger option at the upper left side of the window.
Then move down and select the option of Settings.
Select the option of ‘Events from Gmail.’
Now, switch the toggle of ‘Allow Events from Gmail.’
Remove Cache for Google Calendar

Cached data could be the reason why the events are not displaying on Google Calendar. Try out the followi

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