Jewelry Box With Removable Pocket

Very useful product to organize and assort your GOLD JEWELRY.
Padded foam pockets protects from stone and gem damage.
The rod on the side keeps bangles and bracelets.
Are you tired of searching through your jewelry collection to find the perfect piece for a special occasion? Look no further! The Jewelry Box with Removable Pocket, manufactured by, is the perfect solution to help you organize and assort your gold jewelry.

Protect Your Precious Gems
One of the key features of this jewelry box is the padded foam pockets that protect your stones and gems from any damage. No more worrying about scratches or chips on your precious jewelry!
Keep Your Bracelets and Bangles in Place
The rod on the side of the jewelry box is specifically designed to keep your bracelets and bangles neatly in place. Say goodbye to tangled chains and bracelets!

Easily Accessible Removable Pockets
With 10 removable pockets, this jewelry box allows you to take out any piece of jewelry individually, without having to take the full pouch out of either the bank locker or wardrobe. It’s a convenient and time-saving solution for those who are always on the go.
Whether you’re traveling or simply need to access your jewelry quickly, this jewelry box is designed to make your life easier.