The best element of this application is that you can attempt Sikh or Sardar turban and you can see which style is suitable for you.
you can try new colorful turban every day to head. and share it with all friends. this app will help you to try new turbans every day
with great fun. you can make your look like sikh or sardar.
You can also select any one Punjabi Turban which you like to add in your face photo and drag and you can also change the size of that Punjabi Turban with finger touch.
Now You can Set Amazing Punjabi Turban To Your Face.And Create cute and Creative Photo. This App Will Help You To Make Your Photo With Beauty Of Punjabi Turban.

Best Features :–
– you can select your photo from the gallery and camera option best suitable for you.
– Change the size according to your face shape
– Free Crop Images.
– you can select turban from wide range of our turban collection who is best suitable for you.
– you can adjust the opacity of selected turban.
– after settle turban to your face just click on right arrow and your photo will save to you phone memory.
– view photo in application.

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