Red Dune Desert Safari – Red Dune Desert Safari

The Desert Safari excursion is a must-do activity that all travelers must have in their to-do list during their Dubai visit. Red Dunes Desert Safari is a fun-filled adventure that provides you a chance to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of red sandy dunes of Dubai's desert landscape. This journey provides our guests with an unforgettable experience while they ride over majestic red dunes in the midst of the desert. You can explore the Arabian culture, and the stunning beauty of the desert, blending thrill with a vast number of daring activities; get a perfect taste of impeccable live bbq dinner, enthusiastic 8 live performance shows i.e.: live OUD, Sufi dance, khaleeji dance, belly dance, darbuka, fire show and much more with our red dunes desert safari package. You will witness the best moments of your life while getting a thrilling dune-bashing ride in a comfortable 4*4 SUV over the highest red dunes. The perfect scenery of sunset will make the whole environment of the desert breathtaking. Book your desert tour with us to get an adrenaline-pumping experience in the spectacular whereabouts of the Dubai desert safari.