Top opportunities to leverage a VR Based Workflow in BIM-enabled projects and collaboration


Lucrative project delivery is based on Building Information Modeling (BIM), and decisive collaboration. Along these lines, the visualization of a BIM model through immersive technology or VR is the most effective method to gain a greater perspective in the world of construction. Various project issues can be addressed in construction such as operational feasibility, time, cost, and more. As BIM contains visual and well-informed information, it can improve project efficiency, productivity, cost, and time. In this article, we discuss the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) to augment BIM projects through VR based workflows and project collaboration.


A positive & successful BIM-based project delivery is based on mutual collaboration. This primarily relies on high-quality & information-rich 3-D models. The ability of a BIM model to augment project delivery requires much more than large computer display units, it requires project stakeholder presence as well. An immersive medium like Virtual Reality is a highimpact solution tovisualizea 3D model. A Virtual Reality simulation eliminates most of the onsite problems like installation, feasibility, and more. Furthermore, various Virtual Reality tools have been introduced in the market, but little is known about their adoption in the world of AEC.

This article focuses on a VR based workflow to augment BIM projects through collaborative techniques. This includes using immersive technology to solve various on-site challenges using actual BIM models. AEC projects have long been exposed to project delays and growing building costs. The need to eliminate unnecessary costs can be challenging, but the adoption of new technology can significantly reduce this risk through new Virtual Reality (VR).

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