Peanut shelling machine is designed to shell raw, dry groundnuts. It has advantage of high efficiency, easy operation and low maintenance, etc.

APS Industries are peanut shelling machine manufacturing in capacity wise. we have 100kg to 1000kg per hour capacity machine.

This Peanut Peeling Machine is an advanced equipment used for the decorticating of peanut. It adopts principle of manual imitation and special peeling elements. The peanuts are being peeled by means of roll twisting while being continuously stirred up. It has such advantages as stable production, durable perfect peeling effect, low noise and no pollution.

Technical details

Modal : APS-PS555.

Product type : Peanut.

Capacity : 100kg to 1000kg / Hour.

Power : 220 Volt.

Size : Capacity wise sizing.

Warrant : 1 year.


Demo machine video


The machine is high production efficiency.
less machine damage and low failure rate.
This machine easy to use and maintain.
We are also Peanut peeling, shelling, butter and cutting machine manufacturing. We have provide best service after sell machine.